Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Home and away

If you're a regular visitor to my wine, food and travel blog you will have read about my homemade Chateau Hearnden tea wine, it's bubbling away nicely.

And if you follow me on Twitter (@Aimetu) you'll know all about the bag of frozen peas that have been a much needed companion over the last year.

Putting those two statements together and what do you have ..... homemade pea wine hee hee

I no longer need my 'ice pack' and not liking waste I decided to have a go at pea wine !!

I have no idea if it will work or what it will taste like but it's been fun so far starting it off.
4 weeks in the bucket 
After straining
Let the bubbles begin
This weekend we popped to Cardiff and as Hubby was given quite a few Majestic gift vouchers when he retired we called into Majestic Cardiff Bay.

It's always nice to visit a different store as all stores are laid out differently which for some reason makes us spot new wines as well as recognising old favourites.

We had of course to buy 6 for the mixed price offer but somehow we ended up with a few more, as we enjoy each one I'll blog some tasting notes and add a review on Cuvée Reserve. 

I'm looking forward to trying Mon Plaisir De La Vallee and La Belle Angele as they are both French Sauvignon Blancs, and seeing how the Krasno Sauvignon Blanc from Slovenia compares.

Our Majestic buys
We have often driven past Fine Wines Direct UK when in Cardiff, driven past because of time not because of lack of interest. As we had a little spare time this time we stopped by.

Fine Wines Direct UK supply the trade and are open to the public. They had some familiar labels and some new, they also had some very expensive bottles that Hubby and I can only ever look at!

Franschhoek is a label we've seen in other wine shops but never tried; we opted for the Chenin Blanc and Merlot from the range they had. On a recent visit to Cardiff Bay I had enjoyed a bottle of Siglo Rioja (yes I really did) in La Cha Cha so by mutual agreement a bottle was added to our buys.

They had a very good offer on Chateau l'Avocat Graves 2012 and in their bin end basket we spotted le Versant Viognier 2014 and La Di Motte Pinot Grigio 2012. Such good wines, such great prices we couldn't resist!

As with the Majestic wine I'll blog tasting notes and reviews on Cuvée Reserve.

Fine Wines Direct UK
I didn't expect to come home from Wales with more wine but looking at our collections I'm very glad we did and am looking forward to opening a few new discoveries!

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