Monday, 15 January 2018

That's a good one !

Whilst in France last year we visited BeauVignac, one of the Languedoc's largest producers especially in the Etang du Thau area. When visiting these huge caveau it's hard to take it all in, especially if only a 'calling by' visit.

Everyone is always so helpful, so knowledgeable and ready to pour any (if not all) of their wines: another problem if driving by. You can read more about our visits to the caveau and domaines we visited in my previous post Wines of Languedoc 

One bottle at BeauVignac that caught our eye and was superb on tasting was Moelleux Blanc. It's blue bottle shone out amongst the usual green and white - especially with it's clear glistening contents.

Le Moelleux is a sweet wine but not a dessert wine. a floral nose with sweet citrus notes. It's flavour was full of oranges and lemons, citrusy yet slightly sweet, with floral highlights. A lovely finish that despite its sweetness was neither cloying or syrup. A blend of Picpoul Blanc and Colombard (grapes used in producing Cognac) it's a light wine at 10.5% with a slight watery edge but the finish is soft and long.

All told this was a very enjoyable wine; its look in the bottle and out, its nose, its flavour and its finish. We will be bringing more than the one bottle next time we're near the Etang du Thau.

Another 'good one' we have recently enjoyed is my penultimate tasting for Aldi's 17th Wine Panel. Estevez Chilean Cabernet Carmenére Syrah was a wine I knew I would enjoy settled on the sofa rather than with a meal... and it was!

A deep inviting red that had a great pour and a nose full of fruit with a spicy edge. It was full of dark cherries, plums, dried fruit with such a wonderful warming body. I don't normally enjoy tannins but the tannins in this wine were so soft, developing lightly with the spice, lovely tabacco notes and a smooth long finish.

Its characteristics derive from its three grapes:
Cabernet - its fruitiness
Carmenére - its creamy smoothness
Syrah - its spice

For me this was a bottle to sink into, hence the need to be sofa bound with a few nibbles. It really is a great wine, especially at £4.79 - thank you Aldi.

There are two more wines which I expect to say 'that's a good one' on opening - Canadian Icewine. For Christmas my Hubby gave me a bottle of Lidl Pillitteri Estates Riesling Icewine, as yet unopened as I am waiting to find the deserving dessert and opportunity to enjoy this sweet delight.

Icewine is made from grapes picked in December or January once the temperature has dropped below -8 degrees; Canada's terroir and winters make it ideal. The iced grapes are pressed immediately producing a small amount of highly concenrated juice often referred to as 'The Nectar of the Gods'.

And to our amazement on a visit to Lidl a the weekend it is now reduced to £7.99, as is the Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine - that's an amazing half price. Needless to say I now have both bottles to plan that special dessert/moment for.

I have no idea what wine we'll be opening this week - life is a little strange at the moment with Hubby retiring at the end of the month our plans are as comes just now. However I'm sure whatever it is I'll be letting you know all about it - cheers!

Monday, 8 January 2018

2018 has started well

2018 started with celebrating the New Year with friends, always a good way to bring in the new. It will be new for us this year as at the end of January Hubby is retiring from work - so many plans, so many holidays, so exciting!

We've already started the holiday booking (to be honest a few trips were already booked in 2017) with a long weekend in Guildford. No need to dash home Sunday anymore - why Guildford???

It's the Love Wine Fest at the end of March. We had a great time in Birmingham last year, you can read about it in my previous post here. We're delighted to book for Guildford and being as it's not a straightforward train trip a few nights away seemed the obvious choice.

Two wines have helped us get 2018 off to a good start; a red and a white. The red being Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva 2009 and the white Les Petites Baies 2016.

Marques de Caceres is a Sapnish wine from, Rioja. A blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano it enjoys 2 years in American oak and then some time in the bottle.

Not my preferred wine but Hubby enjoyed its deep crimson colour, black cherry nose and smooth vanilla infused smoky oak tannin flavour.

It's quite a pricey wine at nearly £20 a bottle but if you enjoy a Rioja you can settle into it comes highly recommended.

The white wine was a bottle we picked up on our holiday last year in France. We did think it was from one of the caveau we visited but maybe not. Looking online I did see a reference to Lidl France so maybe it was one of our supermarket buys.

In the glass this had a very shiny colour, lots of glistening highlights. It's tropical nose with the hint of white blossom lead the way to a mouth full of citrus and passion fruit. A lovely well balanced wine with a clean finish.

It is one to grab if we see it again on our travels, a super white wine.

This month brings Burn's Night on the 25th which will be the first of my 2018 themed dinners and of course Hubby's retirement will require the opening of something special so here's to a great January !

Friday, 29 December 2017

2017 - an interesting year

2017 was certainly a year full of surprises - I would say both Hubby and I could not have ever imaged how it would be and how we are now moving in 2018, life changing for us both in many ways.

It has been a year of great things too - lovely holidays, meeting great friends, fabulous wine events and of course the enjoyment of a 'few' good bottles. Here's a few of my 2017 favourites:

Wishing you all a Happy New Year - let the corks fly in 2018 

Monday, 18 December 2017

Pre Christmas enjoyment

My latest two tastings for Aldi were just perfect for us - a Sauvignon Blanc for me and a Spanish red for Hubby.

It is a real privileged and treat to be chosen to be a member on their Tasting Panels.

The Project Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is from the Western Cape South Africa and is as geography suggests: not as smooth, subtle and sophisticated as the French yet not as hard hitting and full on like the New Zealand.

A lovely pale yellow in the glass with the base having a slightly green hue. It's nose had plenty of tropical fruits, soft and inviting with that recognisable sauvignon gooseberry nose.

A light taste again sitting between Old and New World, plenty of citrus with pineapple overtones; a very enjoyable wine to drink alone or paired with a light chicken dish, great value at £5.99

The Toro Loco Edicion Memoria 2015 is a brand we have enjoyed before, an exclusive wine at just over £10.

Its dark brooding label is a pointer to its blend of Bobal, Tempranillo and Merlot, giving a deep cherry red that is slightly opaque.

A light peppery nose with hints of oak could have initially offered a little more but did develop as the wine rested in our glasses.

Medium bodied with plenty of red fruits, it was easy drinking, which suited my palate me. However as its oak and tannins did develop so I would prefer to drink it straight away before its length had developed.

Staying with Aldi the tasting for this month at Cuvée Reserve is Maynard's Pink Port.

It was my choice this month and I chose it because although I have (and do) enjoyed Tawny and Ruby Port I have not seen Pink Port before and was intrigued, especially at the reasonable price of £7.99.

It has taken a while to find a bottle as not all stores stock but on a recent trip to Nantwich we found it in their store. I'm looking forward to trying this with a mince pie .... or two.

The reviews will be on Cuvée Reserve from 20th, I wonder what we will all discover.

Late summer we had a lovely holiday in the South of France during which we visited Domaine Paul Mas. We have been enjoying his wines for quite a few years so were very pleased to be able to visit their caveau.

There were so many wines we had not seen before including a sparkling Picpoul de Pinet and the label Claude Val with its beautiful artwork.

Cote Mas Frisante had all the fun of Southern France beginning with its label, followed by its lively bubbles in the glass.

It was Picpoul de Pinet with added zest - plenty of citrus with that hint of the sea that makes Picpoul the perfect wine with fish.

Not dry or biscuity like champagne, not sweet like prosecco this bottle of bubbles is perfect to be enjoyed on its own, with seafood or even with some soft French cheese - a definite winner for me - I hope it is available in the UK.

Claude Val's label is very eyecatching depicting the ancient town of Pezenas. This brand of three wines, red, white and rose, is a blend of noble and established grapes but is easy drinking without the complexity of higher priced wines.

Claude Val blanc is a blend of Grenache Blanc, Vermentino, Chenin Blanc, Chasan, Mauzaca and Sauvignon Blanc.

A very pale colour in the glass with a nose of soft white fruit, this wine is so smooth, so easy drinking, it's just lovely.

I can feel a return trip happening as both these Domaine Paul Mas wines are on my to buy again list. I'd love to try these in the garden in the summer as if they were good indoors in the winter I'm presuming they will be even better chilled on a summer's day.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Trio and a selection

My trio were from Aldi as I have been chosen to be a member of their 17th Tasting Panel and our first three tastings arrived earlier this month.

Exquisite Collection Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
This had a lovely pale pear colour with aromas of crisp fruit. I loved its smooth tropical flavour with lime highlights - great with chicken wrapped in bacon. 

A lovely dark red Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre wine with a slight nose of bramble fruits and a touch of spice. 

It's mouth is plump with sour cherries, the bramble fruit, a hint of herbiness and a peppery spice. Good body with a lengthy finish, very slight tannin that adds to its depth. 
This was very creamy with a kick of whisky. I enjoyed it neat, over ice, in my coffee but my favourite was as the topping for my Baby Guinness cocktail. 

My selection was for our end of year wine tasting at Scouts - these events are so popular. Over the 4 years I've been doing them we've certainly developed our palates and wine preferences. 

This time I took advantage of Tesco's 25% off 6 bottles of wine and purchased all twelve in store. I don't have many tasting notes for these as most are wines we've had before so I didn't note anything down. 

Wine tasting selection 
Louis Delaunay Champagne - plenty of bubbles, not too dry, hint of yeast and very very moreish - a great start to any occassion. 

Quirky Bird Chenin Blanc, Semillon, Muscat - a favourite of the groups, light, refreshing, middle range, easy drinking with good depth of flavour.

Quirky Bird Shiraz, Mouvedre, Viognier  - full of fruit, blackberries, smooth in it's texture and finish, a touch of spice making this a very drinkable wine.

Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc - full nose of kiwi, melon and lime, great citrusy crispness with a long finish, a great sauvignon blanc that everyone enjoyed. 

Torres Sangre de Toro - a Spanish wine with slight tannin, plenty of blackberries, hints of pepper and a touch of vanilla, light with good length

Tesco finest Pecorino - crisp refreshing citrus wine, perfect at the end of our buffet as it refreshed our palates  

Bellingham Chardonnay - a lovely smooth wine with vanilla notes, plenty of peaches and white stone fruit, a full flavoured wine with a lengthy finish

Louis Jadot Macon Villages - a silky wine in the glass, full of colour, clean and fresh with apples and pears,  good with goats cheese

Bellingham Pinotage - great dark colour, full of fruit, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, a good hit of oak with subtle tannins

Yalumba Y Series Shiraz - berry delight with added chocolate, one of my favourite red wines, perfect level of spice, good weight and finish 

Ca'Mone Appessimento deep red in colour, light nose of fruit with pepper and leather, full of cherries, some tannin, leather and smokiness

Concho y Toro Late Harvest - our dessert wine was rich and syrupy, plenty of apricots and nectarines with honey highlights, perfect with our profiterole pud

Our pud this time was Lidl's Croquembouche, 60 profiteroles in all, 40 plain and 20 chocolate. 

The box included everything needed: an easy to assemble silver card tower, caramel, chocolate and nutty topping. 

It certainly made a centre piece and was perfect with our dessert wine.

Another great evening with good wine, good food and great friends. I wonder what wines we'll be discovering at our 2018 tastings.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Love Wine Festival 2017

Saturday saw us venture into Birmingham for the Love Wine Festival at The Burlington Hotel. It was an adventure too as I still need my wheelchair for distances and my crutches for short walking. I managed the wine tasting afternoon with just one crutch - priority was having a hand free for holding my glass - and standing on one leg to help keep the weight off my left ankle. It was not always easy but with the help of my Hubby and friends I made it and we had a great day.

This was our first Love Wine Festival but it will not be our last - a fantastic day, great value too with tickets at £20. The venue was a large room in the hotel, great facilities, plenty of space and not over ticketed so many opportunities to stand and chat to the wine experts.

Unfortunately my balancing skills are limited, one crutch and a wine glass was my limit, so no tasting notes or photos. Love Wine Festival have kindly allowed me to use their images and I'm hoping my memory will stand up to recalling a few of the many wines we tasted.

I did however pick up quite a few really good leaflets and since the weekend I have enjoyed sitting on the sofa having a good read - with a cup of coffee but dreaming of wine.

Great collection of leaflets - lots of interesting facts and details 

Before the specific details here are all the exhibitors details (hyperlinked for you to discover more) 

             101 Wine FAQS     The Champagne Collection    Langley Distillery/Palmers Gin             

Biddenden Vineyards         Georgian Wine Club      Ridgeview Wine Estate

     Go Brazil Wines        Pol RogerLidl UK 

                Rude Wines Ltd                 

       Anderson & Hill         

     The Wine Society      
              Raisin Social Ltd                

Pol Roger
One of my favourite champagne houses, although to be honest we don't have it very often especially rosé but their Pol Roger Brut Rosé champagne was delicious. Great bubbles, quite dry for a rosé which is probably why I enjoyed it. Their blanc de blanc was also superb - both a little pricey but for a very special occasion worth the extra.

I was very impressed with another blanc de blanc I tasted, at The Champagne Collection. This was a beautiful crisp clear champagne - Cuchet Caz Blanc de Blancs. 

Joie de Vin
Joie de Vin was a great stand to visit, in fact I could have stood there longer as it was a haven of french wines. Beautiful Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, gorgeous Chenonceaux (my favourite Loire chateau) Blanc and a wonderful La Croix Boyd de Cantenac Margaux, a fine selection from my favourite country.

The Wine Society
A few Christmas' ago our grown up children bought us membership of the Wine Society. We have enjoyed a few of their tasting events, visited their shop in France (unfortunately it's now closed) and visited Domaine Jaume who produce their Cotes du Rhone.

It was lovely to meet and chat with their team and of course taste some superb wines. I was very taken with their wine from Greece, my only previous Greek wine being on honeymoon over 28 years ago and a very cheap bottle of Retsina bought here in the UK. Thymiopoulos Naoussa Jeunes Vignes was a medium bodied red wine with slight tannins - a lovely surprise.

I also enjoyed Chateau Vartely Feteasca Regala, a refreshing white from Moldova, and Faleos Nevados Torrontes from Argentina.

There were so many new wines at this tasting, new both in their country of origin and/or the grape variety. It again highlights that our experience of wine is controlled by the wine available to purchase here in the UK or our adventures when holidaying abroad. I really appreciated the opportunity to try so many new wines and was particularly enjoyed with a wine from Georgia.

The Georgian Wine Club had six wines, three reds and three whites. I was quite taken with Badagon Kakhetian Noble, a white wine made from Rkatsiteli the leading white grape variety grown in Georgia. I cannot tell you what the nose was like or the taste, not because I cannot remember but because it was like no other wine I have tried - really really good.

Halewood Wines
Another new wine for me to try was from Romania - Hyperion Fetesasca Neagra, a lovely smooth red. I have no idea if it is the same grape as the white wine from Moldova - I think I need to look into these wines a bit more.

Loki is based in the centre of Birmingham so was geographically the nearest supplier to the tasting, and having a double stand was also one of the biggest. As well as a few of their white and red wines I also tried their three fortified wines: Sanderman LBV, Sanderman 10 year Tawny Port, both from Portugal, and Chambers Rosewood Ruthergien Muscat from Australia. All three were rich, smooth, just what you'd expect from a fortifies wine, a hard choice but I liked the Tawny Port best.

You can see in the above photo the great 'Love Wine' tote bag we were all given as we entered the tasting room. Perfect for collecting all my brochures it also contained a very neat waiter's friend, and a bubble wrap pouch to put our Riedel wine glass in for taking home - thank you Love Wine, it's those little thoughtful extras that made the day extra special.

Go Brazil
Brazil is another new wine country to me - we've had wine from other South America countries but I don't think from Brazil. Their two bubbly sparkling wines, Campos de Cima Extra Brut and Amadeu Brut Rose (both made in the traditional method) were both delicious, I'd love a glass of these on a summer's day in the garden. I enjoy malbec wine from Argentina and Chile so was keen to try the Sanjo Nubio Malbec from Brazil, and I'm so glad I did, it was unusually light for a malbec and so full of fruit, delicious.

ODC Drinks
Cotswold Distillery and Langley Distillery/Palmers Gin had whisky and gin at their stands and ODC Drinks had fruit cider. Not something I usually drink as I find it quite sweet but ODC's Pomegranate Panache was very drinkable, fruity, not overly sweet with a good finish; quite moreish too!

Wine and food go so well together but which wine with which food. With so many new wines on show it came as no surprise to find new foods too - Eat Spain Drink Spain had some very tasty snacks including dried, roasted broad beans!

Anderson and Hill are a delicatessen in the centre of Birmingham; they had a variety of cheeses. to taste.

 I love blue cheese and noticed a new name - Perl Las. 

It's a Welsh blue cheese and so delicious we bought some home with us ....... 

.... along with a Red Wine and Draycott Blue Salami from Somerset Charcuterie.

Our delicious cheese and salami
Speaking of food, Mireille Reuling of The Real Wine Gum makes the most amazing sweets - as the name suggests 'real wine gums'. As soon as these gems are in your mouth the wine flavour is there, the smooth sweets fill your mouth with delicious wine flavours - the chardonnay gum was my favourite - such a great concept, adult sweets at their best.

The Real Wine Gem
Thanks again to Love Wine for letting me use their photos - as well as the exhibitors I have mentioned with each photo there are a few other highlights I have from our afternoon of tasting:

Vidal Canadian Icewine - Lidl

Domaine Vinsmoselle Auxerrois (Luxembourg) - Hard to Find Wines

Ferrari-Carano Tre Terre Chardonnay - California Wines

Pouilly Fuisse 'Tradition' (France) - Nickolls and Perks

So many superb wines, so tempting but impossible to buy all, however we did treat ourselves to a bottle of KWV Wine's Classic Collection Tawny from South Africa. I am looking forward to enjoying this as the winter night's get longer.

What a super day at The Burlington Hotel - Love Wine's next tasting is in 
Guildford on 24th March 2018 - we'll be there !!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Aldi 17th Tasting Panel

I have been chosen to be one of the tasters for Aldi Wine Club's 17th Tasting Panel.I have been on their wine review panels before and chosen to make and review some cocktails. These are the links to my previous tastings:

The 17th Tastings consist of 6 wines and a liqueur to be tasted between now and January. The rules of being a panelist are to review the wines on Aldi's web site and tweet on Twitter about each wine.  

Today I received my first three tastings - thank you Aldi.

The notes below are from Aldi: 

Complex aromas of white stone fruits and blackcurrant leaf give way to flavours of lime-drizzled nectarine and an intriguingly soft texture, with a long and thoughtful finish.

Food Matching: Aperitif, or summer salads and seafood
Taste: Crisp and zingy

Dense and concentrated with a nose of scrubland herbs and a plump, warm spiciness. Its ripe black and red cherry flavours are embellished by juicy blackberries and red berry fruits.

Food Matching: Ideal with roast beef, roast lamb and chocolate cake

Taste: Rich and supple

Treat yourself to this beautifully rich, smooth and creamy Irish Cream Liqueur - a blend of spirit and indulgent fresh dairy cream.

Taste: Smooth and creamy

I'll be trying these over the next few weeks, maybe with friends to see what their taste findings are. Thanks again Aldi, I'll be tweeting soon.