Saturday, 28 April 2018

Glastonbury and Wells

I did it .... I got to the top of Glastonbury Tor !

Not the easiest of climbs on a very windy day, a great laid path of steps winding it's way to the top. I tried to step up continuous to use both leg muscles but stepping up left first is still difficult.

Coming down was harder as I cannot lead with my left, there is not enought bend in my ankle so it was one step at a time.

Such great views from the top across the Somerset plains - the rain could be seen travelling across but thankfully we just got caught in a light drizzle.

Huge thanks to my Hubby for being my handrail up and down, as with many things I could not have done it without him.
It's a long way up (and down)
My fab Hubby
At the top with Hubby & Agnes
With Dave and Agnes
such a great view
At the top !!
We also visited Wells Cathedral, a stunning building that is so clean inside it looks new but is hundreds of years old.
Wells Cathedral 
It looks modern but is
hundred of years old
Beautiful tapestry coat of arms
on panels and cushions
Oldest working clock
Visiting Wells Cathedral
 A super day out with our friends; climbing the Tor was a fantastic feeling putting last year firmly behind me!

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  1. Well done on making it to the top of the Tor.
    I have fond memories of our visit to Wells cathedral, such a beautiful place.


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