Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Burnham & Bristol

Burnham-on-sea is the destination for this year's Cuvèe Reserve Wine Weekend ..... yes I know it's only Wednesday but Hubby and I along with our friends who are also members decided to make it a week!

This time we're caravaning instead of renting a large house, it's lovely sitting on the decking watching the visitors pass and enjoying a glass of bubbly.

Yesterday we took a stroll around the town, very seasidey with plenty of fish and chip shops, a great rock shop and of course  inflatables hanging up outside the bucket and spade shop!

We walked to the top of the town to The Crafty Teacup Cafe  - a superb cafe decorated in a very crafty style. Our table was amazing.

Just across the road from the cafe is the town's church with a very unusual tower, it's not attached and looking straight at the main door you can see it's leaning too. The locals didn't seem to be bothered, they had set up a lovely home.

Today we've had a trip into Bristol; on the way in we had a great view of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and a glimpse of the SS Great Britain.

In Bristol we visited the Cathedral and Avery's - no surprise really that this is a wine shop. We did buy a couple that caught our eye, we could have bought more especially if we had bigger wallets as some were quite pricey.

On our way back we crossed the Clifton Suspension Bridge, it is a toll bridge but only £1. Finding a handy layby we were able to stop and take a stroll a little way along and pop into the Visitor Centre. It's surprising how high it is and amazing in its construction nearly 150 years ago.

What a great start to our Cuvèe Reserve holiday, we have enjoyed a few wines but I'll be blogging about those when we get home as I can then use my laptop - this was blogged by phone !


  1. You are in a lovely part of the country, Clare. Enjoy your week.

  2. Lots of exciting things you are seeing on this vacation.


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