Sunday, 5 May 2013

Rince Couchon and travel plans

It's a glorious day today - spring at last and my plants certainly know it.We have purchase a few newbie for our local garden centre - you can read about it at Aimetu's Stitching.

Just for a change it's beer that focuses today - Rince Couchon - a fabulous Belgium beer that I discovered in Etaples last year in France.  It's quite light in taste but be warned it's 8% - it has gone down very well this afternoon in the sunny Midlands. I just love the pig on the stem of the glass (it's a girl thing)

Rince Couchon
We are busy planning our future travels - soon we'll be wine tasting again with S H Jones in Banbury. They have many events throughout the year; Loire Valley wine tasting on their list soon had us booking two places. This of course entails an overnight stop so a mini weekend break in June is all booked, the tasks we endure for the sake of our hobby !!

July is looking to be very exciting as I am retiring (early please note). Hubby has booked a super little trip for my last day at school - Eurostar to Brussels - I am so so so excited as we have not travelled by Eurostar before and never been to Brussels. We are staying in a beautiful 4 star hotel so I'm sure it will be a perfect way to start retired life.

August brings on our main holiday to..... France..... where else. We are returning to Etaples where we had a fabulous week last year and felt it was just not long enough. We have booked the same beautiful cottage in the heart of the town and are already planning trips to places we missed last time. Repeat visits will be to Le Vieux Post cafe/bar in the centre of the town where I discovered Rince Couchon; and Planete Ocean where each evening we can sit harbourside enjoying a glass of their very nice white wine.

September is always a brilliant month (birthday time!!) and made veen better this year by Tesco Wine Fair coming to Birmingham - closer to home although that does mean no weekend away. We've already booked our tickets (4; me, Hubby and two very close friends) - really really excited.

So that's our travel plans for this year .... but next year's holiday is already being discussed and researched. I think I love this bit as much as the holiday. It's our 25th wedding anniversary and we have been looking at a variety of holidays from cruises to inclusive hotels. We've chosen (I think) and it's none of those but a trip to ..... France !! We decided as it is a special holiday we should do what we really really enjoy, not what we 'should' do - it will be slightly different to our normal holiday as it includes a return crossing from Spain (new territory) with Brittany Ferries - planning in progress but it's looking good.

That's all from me other than to say if you haven't joined Tesco Wine Community following my 'fame' last blog you are really missing out - go on pop over you'll love it. My glass of chilled Touraine sauvignon blanc is calling so until next time... cheers !!

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