Sunday, 28 April 2013

Member of the Month @Tesco

I was very chuffed to be chosen as Tesco's Member of the Month - their Wine Community is an amazing forum to belong to, as is their Tesco Wine by the Case website.
This month they have published my review of their Fine Dining Dozen Mixed Case - I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and you can read my review here:
Comments are always appreciated, even if you are not a wine drinker.

Life is reasonably quiet on the travel front at the moment - we have some very exciting trips coming up but I'm not giving any spoilers so you'll have to keep popping by. I will however recommend SH Jones events - we did the Matthew Jukes wine tasting with them earlier in the year - they are always very good and there are some good ones on offer.
Yesterday I held a stitching event at The Abbey (Party at the Pub) here in Nuneaton. It was for members of Needlecraft Haven which is a craft forum that I host. We had a great day, pop over to Aimetu's Stitching to find out more.
That's it for this week - all my writing skills were used up writing for Tesco - the only photo that is appropriate for today's blog may be a little self indulgent but as I said before I am very, very chuffed.

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