Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dinner Party Wine

This week we had some friends over on Friday for a meal - I decided to open the other bottle of Glorioso rioja from the Tesco Dining Dozen (my review case). Hubby and I are not really into Spanish wine and food but I did think I should do something to go with such a great Spanish wine. So our menu was:

Baked Camembert with Lindauer Brut (we were going to have the Codorniu Rose but changed our minds last minute)

Chorizo and chicken with Glorioso Rioja or Mar del Sur Savignon Blanc

Walnut and Lemon Pavlova & Beetroot and Chocolate Cake with Nespresso coffee and Glengoyne malt whisky

Beetroot and Chocolate Cake
It was a lovely meal - everything cooked at the right moment without me spending all evening in the kitchen and the wine was perfect. I wonder what I'll do next time.

Hubby and I are getting quite excited about the summer holidays but we have quite a busy time before then - next weekend we are back in Wales at our caravan and hopefully if the weather is kind I'll have some stunning photos to share.

June 14th we are off to Banbury for another wine tasting with SH Jones - it's Loire Valley wines this time which are my favourite - really really excited about this.

The following day we're in Cardiff overnight to then bring our daughter home as she has finished her first year at South Wales University - and what a year she has had - I know a Mum is always proud but she really is going places and has been involved in so much - follow her on Twitter @PhilippaClare

So my next blog looks like being travel based - guess there will be a little wine too. Just before I finish this blog I picked up two 'poorly' plants at Dobbies - an English lavender and a rosemary - just 50p each in the reject bin - now planted in lovely new compost and well watered; growing should start soon :)

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