Monday, 29 January 2018

As January draws to a close ....

.... another era closes for us; tomorrow is Hubby's last day at work as he is retiring. We've many plans for 2018, home and away, it's an exciting time which we young retirees are looking forward too.

Another close is I opened the last tasting bottle for the Aldi 17th Panel - Leaf Plucker Sauvignon Blanc. This was nothing like I expected, in fact the whole experience gave wine tasting a new dimension.

The label: certainly not a traditional wine design. I loved the pencil cartoon of the sheep being washed in the tub with instructions and of course the wolf in sheep's clothing. Why sheep on a wine label? A flock managed to enter this South African vineyard and started nibbling the leaves, wine maker Thys Louw soon realised they helped expose the grapes to more sun, a great example of nature working in harmony. 

I decided to try this at room temperature and chilled to see which suited this Sauvignon best, so after pouring my initial glass I popped the bottle in the fridge for later; there were some interesting differences.

Room temperature - a very pale olive yellow in colour with tiny bubbles collecting on the bottom surface of the glass. On the nose it was tropical with green apples and a citrus crispness. It had an underlying fizz in the mouth, slightly creamy, appley with a lengthy sharp citrus finish. I enjoyed a small plate of cheddar cheese and biscuits with this which brought our a little minerality. The fizz disappeared as the wine sat in the glass.

Chilled - a much brighter colour, sparkling pale green pear with no bubbles in the glass. It's much lighter nose was green apple with a high note of citrus. In the mouth the wine was much dryer, no evidence of the fizz. It was a sharper wine, more Sauvignon Blanc like with a smoother, less creamy taste, although not so long in the finish.

I did miss the gooseberry, melon, grassy notes I enjoy in Sauvignon Blanc but all told I enjoyed this wine. I found the creaminess in my first glass more like Chardonnay, maybe due to  its fermentation in contact with the skins and 25% of the wine being in oak barrels. 

Thank you Aldi for this and all the other wines I've enjoyed in your Wine Club 17th Tasting Panel.

It was Burns' Night last Thursday, I usually cook a three course dinner for high days and holidays, giving Hubby and I a chance to try food and wine from specific places. We had been out in the day enjoying Afternoon Tea with family so this year we just had Haggis and tatties, although I did make peppercorn sauce to accompany the dish. 

With our Scottish meal we had Diet Coke, not something you expected but every year I make Bobby Burns' cocktails and they are quite strong. Even stronger her this year as instead of ice (which would dilute it slightly) I used our whisky stones. It's a very easy cocktail: equal measures of whisky, vermouth and herbal spirit.

The 20th of each month is review time for the nominated tasting on Cuvée Reserve. I really enjoy hosting this forum, our members write some great reviews, in face we've built up quite a library. There's plenty of buying tips too and heads up regarding events, saying that I was quite disappointed not to make the France Show this weekend just gone.

The January tasting at Cuvée Reserve was Morrison's White Douro chosen by Dave. We really enjoyed this wine: here's Hubby's review.

"Those of you who know me, know that I am not that keen on white wines, but I do make exceptions! Not a big Portuguese wine drinker either, but have previously been surprised by Vino Verdi, the Wine Societies own label VV is lovely, white Porta 6 a disappointment. 

Anyway I liked this delicate white. I found a nose of white back of the nose mineral stones, feint traces of pineapple, tropicality. A light floral mouth, not overly in your face, but thirst quenching if a little short lived and watery but very quaffable. We both liked it and would buy it again which is a good sign. 

One for the summer in the garden for me."

And so to close with two 'last' ones - on separate shops both Hubby and I found the last bottle in these two Lidl promotions: Val de Salis Blanc de Blanc and Tokaji.

Amazingly both reduced to £3.99, an amazing 71% discount on the Tokaji.  I'm sure with our celebrations this week the bubbly will be popped but I'll be saving the Tokaji as I think it deserves a special dessert.

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