Tuesday, 23 January 2018

104K walk

Not me - unfortunately my ankle is not quite up to that distance just yet. It was our Scout Groups annual relay walk last weekend. This all started in 2014 as part of our centenary celebrations; in relay teams, over one day, our Group members walked a total of 100K.

Every year since we have added on 1K so this year the Group walked 104K. If you are local you'll know the area; the circuit is mainly footpaths from our HQ at the top of Tuttlehill across to Caldecote, then to Hartshill and back along the Mancetter Road. Each team takes our Group Pennant with them so by the end of the day the Pennant has traveled 104K/

Our HQ is at B4114 marker - the circuit is approx 6K
Nick did the 7am start with Rob and Alan, along with their dogs Emmit and Millie. Quite a feat in the dark and with two excited dogs sniffing their way around. The Challenge started at 2am and finished at 10.36pm with 73 people (and a few dogs) taking part - great walking everyone!

It's a great way to start the New Year, lovely to see famillies all coming to walk the circuit. We don't do this as a fundraising activity it is 'just for fun' and looking at the photos taken on the day I think everyone enjoyed themselves even in the rain and snow!! Maybe next year I'll be taking part too :-)

Nick, Rob and Alan handing the Pennant over to the next group of walkers
Walking Crusaders links nicely into my highlight wine of the week - 1136 Commanderie from Cellier des Templiers. Nick and I are very interested in the Knights Templar, especially having been to Rennes le Chateau in Southern France many years ago. We would love to revisit this area to find out more about the Templars.

Whilst on holiday last year in the Cotes du Rhone region we discovered a small village Richerenches which had been a garrison for the Knights Templar. A beautful village with solid walls and towers enclosing its centre, it is one of the best preserved garrisons in France.

Here's my 1136 Commanderie review post on Cuvée Reserve :

"Not surprisingly for a wine from this region it had plenty of blackcurrants and cherries, 
but there was a surprise.....a hint of balsamic which lengthened its finish and enhanced 
its spice notes. There was also a very subtle hint of truffle, something we noticed on its 
nose when trying this in France.  Richerenches hosts the most important truffle market 
in France every Saturday in season as the area is renown for growing the best, 
which explains its presence in this 13.5% wine."

There's great history behind the wine's name too, in 1136 a local lord, Hugh of Bourbouton, gave the land at Richerenches to the Knights Templar.  A few years later he took hi vows as a Templar, gave more land and became the Commander of the Templar garrison at Richerenches which in time became the one of the most important Templar commanderies in Provence.

A great story and a superb wine which I wish we had more of .... yet another reason to go back to France ... on y va !!

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