Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Travelling through France

This year our holiday involves quite a bit of driving through France. I'm not a fan of driving fast down the motorway, seeing nothing and paying high tolls so we always take the scenic route.

Our journey began on board Brittany Ferries ship Normandie. We know this ship well having sailed her last year and back in 1992 (her maiden year) with Dad and a very young Michael. We always book a cabin so we can relax on the five and a half hour crossing.
Much of our first few days were in the car
Normandie in 1992 - Dad's photo
One of the many Navy ships in the harbour
Brittany Ferries catamaran waiting to dock
Our first night was in Ouistreham where the ferry docks, an Ibis Styles hotel right along side the dock, great stopover with a good breakfast.

Saturday's drive was mainly using 'rue nationales' to cover the miles. Had we used the Autoroute's the day's journey would have cost €80, instead we travelled on the main roads which were straight, smooth, and reasonably quiet.

Our journey took us through the Loire Valley with the obvious lunch stop at Cheverny, obvious because it's one of our favourite Loire wines. Cheverny is a small village with a beautiful Chateau, we didn't have time to visit but did have a stroll round the village.

Cheverny church
Part of the Chateau grounds
It was a long drive but not overly tiring. Our stop over hotel this time was Ibis Budget on the outskirts of Montlucon. Perfect for a stop over as it was on a service area with a reasonable priced petrol station, two restaurants and a service station area. It certainly isn't a holiday spot to stay but was great for us.

After checking the restaurant menus we went to see what the service station was like, expecting our usual variety of fast food ... but what a surprise. It was amazing, like a posh restaurant with a bar as you went in, a small shop area, a waiter service restaurant and a self service restaurant.

We chose the self service - 5 courses including coffee. The total price including our bottle if wine was £26 - unbelievable value, great food and a new meaning to the word 'service station'.
The bar
Self service restaurant
Bar seating area through to waitered restaurant
Sunday we travelled from Montlucon to Aubenas, not so car in miles but no autoroutes and at times quite small roads. This route goes over the Volcans and a huge plateau. You don't realise you have climbed so high but most of the journey was at 3000 feet, our highest point was 4300 feet - higher than Snowdon !!

The views were amazing. We made a small detour to Lac du Bouchet and enjoyed a coffee at a superb restaurant on the lake side.  We found a quiet picnic spot for lunch with views right across the mountains - not had a picnic at 4000 feet before.
Lac du Bouchet
View from our picnic spot
Picnic time
Stunning views 
We did drop down a little at Aubenas although the centre of the town was high up - a difficult climb but worth it. At the top is a mediaeval castle that is now the Hotel de Ville (town hall). Super buildings all around, it was a great place to stop over.
Aubenas chateau
Turret overlooking the town 
Aubenas shield 
Monday was a day of drive - stop - photo - drive - repeat. We travelled through the Gorge de l'Ardeche with its famous Pont d'Arc where the river 1000s of years ago forced it's way through the rock. I had visited here when I was 13 and always wanted to show Nick, especially as he is interested in geology.

It was an amazing day, lots of people picnicking, sunbathing, even swimming at the river beach. Plenty of canoeists going down the river, their whoops echoing around the rocks. I took so many photos - these are some of my favourites.
High cliffs along the gorge
The road goes through many tunnels
At the Pont d'Arc with my lovely Hubby
Pont d'Arc
Pont d'Arc from the other side
The Ardeche river from one of the
many view points 
Ardeche river, perfect for canoeing
View towards the Cotes du Rhone region
our next destination
It's been amazing traveling through France, not really the main part of our holiday but full of highlights.

I'll blog about our wine tasting experiences in my next update - saluté

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