Monday, 12 February 2018

Just a few more bottles

Our wine rack in the house is always full (it holds about 50 bottles) and we have a 'few' bottles the garage too. I'm beginning to think we collect wine rather than drink wine !!

Hubby had some lovely gifts for his retirement including quite a few vouchers for Majestic Wine - as if we need and excuse to pop by !!

So pop by we did and picked up a few absolute bargains along with a few we've had our eyes on for a while. 

I don't always include prices in my blog as they can change especially with offers and promotions but this time I will as some were certainly not to be missed.

Bricchetto Trebbiano £2.99    -    Carro Santa Maria Blanco £3.74    -    Tu Meke Chardonnay £3.74

Tu Meke Pinot Grigio £3.99    -    Pieter's Keep Cinsault  £4.49    -    La Baume Malbec  £6.49

La Baume Chenin Blanc  £6.49    -    Primitivo Natale Verga  £6.99    -    Fina Carelio  £7.99

Tarmina Monastrell  £7.99     -    Jim Barry Cover Drive  £10.99

The Tarmina Monastrell is a wine Hubby has been wanting to try for a while. The opportunity came to open this last Friday when friends joined us for dinner. 

A Spanish wine from Alicante had plenty of ripe blackcurrants and cherries, this unoaked red was enjoyed by everyone. 

Jim Barry Cover Drive is a wine we've been meaning to add to our order but always forget as Australian Cabernet Sauvignon is not a regular purchase for us. The history behind a wine is always good to know, this particular wine has a cricketing theme because prior to being a vineyard it was a cricket ground.  

A wine of blackcurrants, liquorice and cherries with tannins, it was a good wine but I think would have developed more with time. 

I have enjoyed La Baume Chenin Blanc many times so it was a must to include that in our order and to my delight there was a La Baume Malbec on the shelf too - perfect as our dinner with friends was to be steak. 

Both wines were perfect; the white crisp, lemony and clean; just right with our antipasti starter and soft cheeses at the end of the meal. The Malbec was really smooth, not as heavy as an Argentinian wine but weighty enough for our succulent steak - I would just add that these two wines were mainly enjoyed by myself and my female friends. 

After 10 months of an upturned life it was a real pleasure to prepare, cook and serve a meal again. I love entertaining - here's to more occasions in 2018 !

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  1. Clare, I enjoyed this post. We, too, enjoy wine. :)


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