Friday, 20 October 2017

Minster Lovell

On our way hone from Witney Hubby and I stopped at Minster Lovell, an ancient village originally named Minstre and was part of Bampton in 1086. Lovell is the name of the landowning family and was added to the village name in the 13th Century. It's very picturesque village with Cotswold stone and thatched roofed houses.

Minster Lovell
Minster Lovell church
Minster Lovell Hall and Dovecote is a 15th century Oxfordshire manor house that lies beside the River Windrush. Now in ruins this English Heritage site was once owned by one of the richest men in England - it is still an impressive sight.

Minster Lovell Hall - this was the chapel which had two floors
The original entrance path
Minster Lovell Hall 
Standing in the chapel doorway
Minster Lovell Dovecote
It's a beautiful place, such a shame it isn't survive. It's setting is quite calm and tranquil with the river bubbling by. English Heritage have preserved what is left and it's now freely enjoyed by dog walkers, ramblers and tourists - I loved our visit to this great historical building.

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