Sunday, 6 August 2017

Celebration bubbly and a plan

It was celebration time in our house yesterday as thanks to my chiropractor I can now walk around the house unaided and as I am confident on the stairs (I've been practicing all week) our bed moved back upstairs!

I have been determined to master stairs as our french hotels on our very soon holiday both have rooms upstairs but no lifts - I am so so pleased to be back in our bedroom, especially as we had given it a full makeover just waiting on the carpet when I fell. It was great to be in our new room.

To celebrate Hubby and I enjoyed a bottle of Most - a special bottle - 2008.

It was special bottle because our wine friends on the Stratford Wine Weekend had a sweepstake as it was the Grand National, and I won (from my hospital bed). They all enjoyed a bottle of Most 2008 at the Fine Wine Tasting at Majestic Wine - we enjoyed ours last night.

For many reasons - age, health, medication - I am watching my food and drink intake, no fancy diet just trying to help my body mend. Whilst in France we looked for some 250ml carafes as that way it's easier to know how much wine we've had. I do have a German wine jug but we would like two matching. It will be something to look for when we go again in a couple of weeks.

Anyway we came up with the idea of using the new mini bottles - there are certainly more on the market at the moment. Our favourite French wine producer Cellier des Dauphins have Les Dauphins minis available in Waitrose.

We managed to find actual Cellier des Dauphins minis in France and I did enjoy a bottle Friday night, it was quite nice to keep topping up my glass knowing overall I wasn't drinking too much. It seemed to last a while too.

All washed and delabeled I think it makes a classy carafe - just need to drink another bottle now so we have the two - hard life isn't it!

I found it quite a surprise when I saw this chart from drinkaware - although I think 21 units for men and 14 units for women needs to be more personal as I know many chaps who are shorter than me as I am not a little lady. That said it soon adds up especially if you enjoy weighty wine!

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