Monday, 17 April 2017

Stratford weekend

Well actually it was a Warwick weekend for me as I had a fall within minutes of arriving at the house we had rented for Cuvée Reserve Wine Weekend and had to be taken to Warwick Hospital.

Lots of medical help, all very much appreciated, was needed to put back my dislocated left ankle, operate and plate my broken left leg (3 bones) and support my right broken foot.

I've been home nearly a week and things are going ok. I wouldn't be doing half as much as I can without the support and encouragement from my amazing Hubby and daughter, our son has helped too.

Few pictures which I hope you don't find too gruesome
Plastered in A&E with surgeon's
notes ready for op
Right broken foot looking large

Plastered and booted ready
for home 
View of my foot from my garden bedroom
My right foot looking thinner if a little black
 It's a long road but do-able and I'm sure we'll have a few laughs along the way, there have already been some hilarious moments!!

Back to the Wine Weekend and everyone who managed to stay injury free had a good time. Saturday afternoon they all went to Majestic Stratford for a Fine Wine Tasting - by all accounts it was a very pleasant afternoon, thanks Majestic.

You can read about it on Dave Cronin's blog Wine Reviews by Ivorfan 

Fine Wine at Majestic Stratford 
Last night was my first tipple since my topple and this Cellier des Dauphins was perfect. One of my favourite producers from my favourite country this really did hit the spot.
Perfect first tipple
Today is Malbec Day and my mystery bottle from Stratford was a Malbec from Dave so it seems fitting to open it tonight.

As I am not mobile for a few weeks I should have more time to blog about a few of my favourite wines, and of course I'm readily available to taste and review if anyone asks - keep visiting!

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