Monday 1 February 2016

Quick trip to South Wales

Hubby and I had a quick trip to South Wales to visit our daughter - what blowy weather with a few drops of rain too.

We took the opportunity to have a look around the marina overlooking Cardiff Bay which is a great place, lots of bars and restaurants, boats and activity centres. There is certainly plenty to do and one quick visit is not enough.
All moored up
Great marina
Overlooking Cardiff Bay

Big hat definitely needed in the wind
We did find a lovely little cafe on the Marina - Compass Cafe - the best coffee we've had in ages. A welcome stop in the cold wind.

We had a lovely meal out on Saturday at Miller and Carter, a restaurant we haven't visited before but will be again. There is a new one opening in Coventry so not too far to drive.

Prosecco starter!
Lovely time with lovely Hubby
Bourbon glazed chicken 
Brownie dessert - naughty but yes so nice!
Steakhouse Sour cocktail - a lovely way to end a lovely evening

Another new month begins so before I get absorbed in wine for Valentine's Day and the new tasting announced on Cuvée Reserve I should just say a little about two lovely wines I enjoyed in January; Vina Mayu and Russian Jack.

Both of these wines are from Majestic, the Vina Mayu Dry Pedro Ximenez 2014 was recommended by the manager at Majestic Leicester when I said I was looking for something new but still similar to sauvignon blanc.

It's a lovely wine from Chile, full of citrus, lemon and lime but without the gooseberry/kiwi of a sauvignon blanc. I love Sancerre and I found this quite similar but a little dryer.

I'd recommend this with a fish or chicken dish but actually think it is best suited to drinking well chilled on its own.

The Russian Jack is one I'd tried at a Majestic wine tasting. Both myself and our son thought it was a lovely sauvignon blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand.

It's full of gooseberry, citrus and passionfruit and is so smooth. All the flavours blend together so well that although you can identify them nothing overpowers the other. There's a lovely light aroma of elderflower with this wine.

This was perfect with my chicken chinese dinner. it isn't one I would drink alone but was perfect with chicken.

February is always a fun month with our daughter's birthday and Valentine's Day - both great opportunities to open something special and celebrate - cheers!!

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Julie said...

Nice pic of you both, your food looks delicious.