Thursday, 20 November 2014

A very exciting time

I am so excited - 29th November is our Grande Finale for the #100 Wine Challenge for our scout group Nuneaton North's 100th birthday. I cannot believe it's been a year since I heard the words pop out of my mouth saying I'd host a 100 wine tastings !!

It did seem an impossible task to begin with, especially with a bottle budget of just £4.50 - even more of a task when 100 cheeses were added to the challenge.

But we are nearly there and it has been great fun, both in sourcing the wines, preparing the evenings and of course the tastings. If you've missed any of my blogs here's the link to each round so far :

And so to our final round - Sparklers and the rest - over the year we have been very lucky to have received some lovely donations from various people - trade, friends and families.
I have put aside any special donations for our final tasting and managed to buy a few extra nice ones whilst in France. We'll also be having champagne and fizz as it's nearly Christmas. I am nearly ready, I just need to decide the tasting order and I think I need four more to make the 100 total !!
I have added thanks on each blog but I'd like to do a roll call so far as I really am grateful for all the support we've had - THANK YOU !!
Julie & Paul Sibson
Sarah & Ian Maycock
Jan & Keith Cornford
Beverley & Alan Mycock
Gill & James Platt
I could not have kept to my budget without the above donations, nor without our amazing superstores. We are very lucky here in the UK to have so much choice and I have been browsing the shelves and grabbing the bargains. Thanks goes to our favourite French superstores too.
From all members of Nuneaton North Scout Group we'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU - raise a glass with us on November 29th !!

Nuneaton North Scout Group 1914 - 2014
100th Birthday Photo

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  1. A wonderful picture of the whole group.
    Well done to all on their own 100 challenges.


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