Friday 10 January 2014

A HUGE challenge for 2014

I have been given a huge task for 2014 which is a very special year for a couple of reasons, and to do this challenge I'm asking for help -
 - advice, ideas, and donations (cheeky but I need just a little help please)

SO what's going on ... well ...
I have been in Scouting for over 25 years: Beaver Leader, Group Scout Leader, District Chairman and now Group Secretary. My late father Ron Mellor was also in Scouting but he clocked up a bit more - nearly 60 years and was awarded the Silver Acorn (second highest award).

Dad celebrating his Silver Acorn at the regular fundraising
Bingo for the local old aged pensioners 

Our group was originally 1st Ansley Hall based in Ansley Common, a small mining village on the edge of Nuneaton. Being on the outskirts, after the pit closed, and as the population grew up the numbers in the Scout Group decreased and so in the late 60s/early 70s the group moved into a new area and was renamed Nuneaton North.

1st Ansley Hall Scouts on their first camp 1914
 The new area was part of the most deprived in Warwickshire and I know my Dad, the other leaders and myself felt we were really needed and did make a small difference to some of the families. Originally Nuneaton North met in Camphill Community Centre but in the mid 1980s land was acquired and with the support of many local and national businesses, volunteers and the Scout Leaders a new Headquarters was built - Pole Star Lodge.

Opening of Pole Star Lodge -October 1991
Nuneaton North Scout Group in its new Headquarters has grown and grown and is a hub of activity most evenings of the week with : 
Beaver Scouts
Cub Scouts
Explorer Scouts
Network Scouts
2014 is our Group's 100th Birthday !!!
 Everyone in the Group is taking part - we are aiming to do 100 challenges each of 100 things. Lots of planning is still happening but some already decided include:
100 different knots (well we are scouts!!)
100 postcards sent to us
100 different carrier bags
100 metres of 1p coins

And so to my challenge...  
                                         - a  wine tasting for the adults in the Group, especially the Executive Committee who are also volunteers and help run the business side of the charity (Scout Groups are registered charities)
                                        - and yes 100 wines (in the year of course)

My plans are 5 separate events of 20 wines but not in any particular order, although I did think the sparklers would be good in November :

 Southern Hemisphere
 Americas and South Africa
 sparklers, sweets and any other

My reason for blogging, tweeting and facebooking is I need a bit of help getting going. I have a few questions but my main plea is for any donations
- seriously just one bottle would be a huge help
As well as being a birthday celebration we are fundraising throughout the year for a replacement minibus - we need transport on an almost daily basis, getting members to various activities and most importantly throughout the year for camps.  
The wine tastings will be ticketed but I really, really would love to have all the money for the funds instead of for buying the wine so donations will be a huge help, however small. The year will be covered by the local press, group newsletters and media social sites so your  donation will acknowledged in many formats.
Any help or advice would be really appreciated - you can contact me by email

I'm excited but a bit daunted as 100 is a big task. Thank you so, so much for helping it's definitely appreciated and I'll let you know all about my challenge.

Edited to add the pledge list