Sunday, 30 April 2017

First trip out had to be to ...

....Majestic Wine Leicester.

Unfortunately not by train, that will be a huge achievement and I'll be making the most of it when we do !!

My legs are improving, as are my wheeling skills on my chair. Hubby has returned to work as I can safely get on and off bed/sofa/chair so I can get around on my own. I have a strategic method of getting a cup of coffee to the sofa from the kitchen, plenty of handy radiators, cupboard and table tops en route -

move coffee, move me, move coffee, move me - slow but not a drop spilt!

Getting out the house is another matter though, very tricky getting over the front doorstep and into my wheelchair. Getting from the wheelchair to the car is quite easy as both seats are on the same level. I can just about stand on my right foot, the broken bit is not so painful but my ankle is but we have done it for hospital trips so Friday we decided to go on a jolly!

It was so nice to see everyone at Leicester, they obviously know us too well as we were immediately poured a nice glass of white.

Is she loosing her wine knowledge I hear you ask 'a glass of white?' no name? Well not just now as it's one we've bought to do a tasting (with a few of the others we bought) with a few friends.

A great selection from Majestic
Thank you Majestic Leicester, it was a tiring but very enjoyable start to my outdoor adventures.

My legs are improving, as I said I can now stand on my right foot in its boot for a few seconds to get outside. My left leg no longer has any stitches in; the two operation scars looked ok although I can't see them now as my leg is in a full cast. We did have to go back to Warwick Hospital as the cast was a bit tight, it has now been cut up both sides so it's two halves taped together - surprisingly it doesn't move and thankfully is no longer squashing me!

My new cast before it was split
and taped 
Yesterday we ventured out again, this time local so only the doorstep to manage. Hubby and our lovely daughter took it in turns to push me round to The Chase our nearest pub (bit of a theme going on with my trips out).

It was so funny, although sunny I was wrapped up like an old woman. The slopes in the pavements at people's driveways had me panicking I'd be toppled into the road and locating the drops in pavements to cross the road was a challenge at times, but we made it.
Such fun! 
Such a giggle!
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Today I'm hoping we can go out again, no not a pub or wine shop although........

I'd like to pop to the garden centre, it's got a few outlet shops too including Lakeland and The Works. It also has a Laithwaites Wine section hee hee.

Next week I'm hoping to do a few more things, especially in the kitchen as I miss my cooking. Hopefully my right foot will improve a bit more too.

I thought Clare's Challenge 50 was a task; this is marathon number two but as before 'a bit at a time' 👣

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