The Queen's Baton Relay

What an amazing day for Philippa and everyone who took part on such a special occasion. Nick and I were so proud - it's hard to believe the baton that had travelled the world was being carried by our daughter.
Here's the day (in brief hee hee) through photos - it was fabulous:

Press Conference at Dare Valley Country Park
Michaela Breeze, Norman Richards,
Rhys Jones and Philippa 
Proud parents who also got to
hold the baton
The Queen's Baton sets off - Michaela Breeze
'Your turn Philippa'
Norman passes on the Baton
Smiles all round - even the sun came out
Mind the photographers !!
Hold it steady Philippa
So so proud
Philippa passing the Baton on to Rhys
Live on tv (pink trainers are the give away)
Baton relay
The Baton on stage with 'Clyde'
Philippa with Jason Mohammad
 - BBC Radio Wales
Philippa, Beth and the Young Ambassadors
Best selfie ever !!
Philippa & Beth with celebration cake
  A day to remember with memories to pass on through the generations - who knows Philippa may follow in Norman's footsteps and carry the Baton in another 50 years time !! 

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